Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Roads Not Taken

Time flies. Two years passed. Achieve nothing and learn nothing. Life is wasted just like that. But I know is worth it. More Christ is added into me within these two years. Now I have made up my mind. Going to quit my research life soon. I can see no future in front of me. Now is time for me to take a short break and think of what to do next. Really puzzled, helpless and lost. Only the Lord knows how I feel and I can only depend on Him. What to do? Life still goes on. Few choices in front of me: Joining 2 years training, work in TM or explore myself into the world of education? Which way shall i take? the right one where there is nothing left, or the left one where there is nothing right? I dunno, really dunno. But the one I know is to take the way of 2 years training and it is definitely right! It is a living for the fulfillment of God's eternal purpose! I have the heart for the training, but need to consider many aspects. Now no source of income in the family, my brother has 2 more years to go before graduate... So maybe I need to work to support the family. Money is such a wicked thing but sometimes is just so lovely. How to proceed in my life? I prayed and prayed again to the Lord, so that He can open a way for me....Preserve my heart for the training, for the Lord, for God's eternal economy!

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